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My name is Elizabeth and I am a wife, mother, and registered dietitian nutritionist. I’ve spent most of my life in Utah but consider myself to be from Seattle, which is where I spent my most influential growing up years. I graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in dietetics. I spent the following year completing my dietetic internship, also through BYU. Since becoming an RDN I have had a fulfilling and varied career working full time at hospitals and clinics in the Salt Lake City region. Initially I worked with a diverse population of hospital patients with diagnoses ranging from cancer to stroke and heart disease to malnutrition. Most recently I had the privilege of being the dietitian assigned to kidney, liver, and pancreas transplant patients. This was an incredible opportunity for me to work with these individuals and their families before and after transplant. My main objective was to help them attain and maintain an optimal nutritional status. On a daily basis I found myself counseling patients on topics such as weight loss, weight gain, high protein diets, low protein diets, diabetic diets, and low sodium diets – just to name a few! My greatest joy from work came when I was able to really connect with patients. I loved helping them find the motivation and tools necessary for them to be successful with their diets at home.

I’m starting this blog at a time of big changes for my family. We’ve recently moved across the country from Salt Lake City, U.T. to Louisville, K.Y. My husband is starting dental school at the University of Louisville (go Cardinals!). I’m currently making the transition from a full time working mom to a full time stay-at-home mom and am grateful to have more time with my little boy. There really is nothing I love more than watching him grow and experience life! However, I would be lying if I said that I don’t miss my job. I especially miss forming relationships with patients, helping them improve their diets, and learning new things about nutrition on a daily basis. This blog is a way to help me feel fulfilled as a dietitian during this stage of my life. I want to continue educating and motivating people on their journeys to healthier and more nutritious lifestyles. I’m writing this blog for real people; young moms, middle-aged dads, grandparents, college students, working adults. I’m writing for you.


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About My Blog

One of my main goals in creating this blog is to provide research-based nutrition information that you can trust. I love that so many people are passionate about sharing their nutrition beliefs online and elsewhere, but it makes it difficult and confusing for individuals searching for legitimate information. I want everyone to not only know what to eat, but more importantly how a healthful diet helps in areas such as disease prevention and weight management. I want you to better understand how your body works. With more knowledge comes more power. In this case, more power to take control of your health and eating habits!

I was thrilled when I finally came up with the perfect name for my blog – Enjoy Every Bite. Healthy eating can, and should be, delicious! No one should have to suffer with boring food when they decide to eat healthier. It should be enjoyed by the whole family, kids included. I’m here to provide you with the tools you need to make better dietary choices for yourself and your family without breaking the bank or spending all of your time in the kitchen. Nutrition is not the only component of a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise is crucial for your health and is often perceived as just another thing on your “to do” list that will never get done. I want to help you find fun, realistic ways for you to become more physically active. Wherever you are in your journey to a healthier you, I want you to enjoy it. Be happy with the small changes you are making. Let’s all try to do a little better every day!


What is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN)?

RDNs are the food and nutrition experts. Every RDN has at least a bachelor’s degree in dietetics. The coursework for this degree includes clinical nutrition, food science, foodservice management, anatomy, physiology, microbiology, organic chemistry, and biochemistry. There are three different educational options for becoming an RDN. The first option is through an accredited Didactic Program in Dietetics, which is how I became an RDN. Taking this route an individual graduates from a university with a bachelor’s degree in dietetics. After graduation they must complete an internship. Most internships   range from 6-12 months and are very competitive to get into. The second option to become an RDN is through a Coordinated Program in Dietetics. Here students complete their classwork and clinical experience during their undergraduate work. This route does not require an internship after graduation. The final option for becoming an RDN is to get a master’s degree in dietetics. Again, this eliminates the need for a separate internship. Once all coursework is successfully completed, everyone must pass a national exam which is administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration. In order to maintain the credentials, continuing professional educational requirements must be completed.